Thursday, November 04, 2010

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

What do you call Exhibit A?
According to my seven-year-old, I use the wrong terminology for her school supplies.

I get pencil, paper, homework, and school bag correct every day. She informed me of that this afternoon in a voice that children reserve for their parents when they believe the parent is a dunderhead. (She may not even know the meaning of dunderhead, but that's what she's thinking.)

What do you call Exhibit B?
What I am an idiot about (She wouldn't use that word at all. It's like cussing.) are the items in Exhibit A and Exhibit B. I confuse her daily when I say, "Go get your notebook." She brings me the wrong one, according to me.

"Uff," she huffs, as her shoulders slump better than a preteen trying to hide her growing chest. "I think you means BINDER." Add an eyeroll, and you are visualizing my middle child.

My eldest doesn't do this to me. She looks at me with her big, chocolate colored eyes and brushes off my bad terminology. "Oh, I'll get the other one, Mom. No big deal. It's OK."

Who the heck knows what my son will say. He doesn't have the highly organized system that my daughters' school uses to keep the girls on track with school work. I think they will leave school with a better idea of how to sort their assignments and how to take notes better than I ever accomplished. I could have been at least number five in my  graduating class if I had their system. Alas, I had to settle for six. How embarrassing for them.

Anyway, back to the Exhibits. What do you call them?

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Elizabeth T. said...

Exhibit A - Three ring binder - started after college as we had a manager's notebook (Exhibit B) and then we had three ring binders with all kinds of stuff in it.