Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Future Job Prospects

I hired a sitter tonight so that my son didn't have to hang out at the fields for his sister's soccer practice. As we were cleaning his room before the sitter arrived, he asked me a question.

"Mom, are there boy babysitters?"

"Good question. I don't know." I couldn't just stop there. "Most people think girls are more caring than boys, so I don't know that moms would hire a boy."

"A boy might let me get away with more and do more stuff."

"Which is why a mom might not want a boy in charge."

"But, the little boys would like it."


"Then, I think I'm going to have to be a babysitter when I get older."

"I bet you'll be good at it."

Later, I told the story to my neighbor who has sons that are my age. One of her sons babysat as a job. She said he was very popular. I think my boy is on to something.

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