Saturday, September 18, 2010

Three Cheers to Computer Geeks

In 2006, I bought an external hard drive because our elderly computer couldn't handle all the photos. Some time later, the thing went kaput. It traveled with us to New Orleans, but I feared the data was lost. Photos of the dogs and kids and flowers and whatever else stuck on the hard drive.

Last week, the B, N, and space bar stopped working on the laptop. Guess what you can't do without a space bar? Write anything, ecauseifyoudoeverywordtoucheseachothermakigitimpossilydifficulttoeditlater. (I omitted the Bs and Ns in order for you to get the full effect.)

The guys at Uptown Computer came to the rescue by installing a scavenenged keyboard. They were also able to remove the casing from the hard drive and retrieve the data.

Pictures! It's like reliving parts of our life again, when we lived on an acre and grew flowers, fruit, and too much grass. When we had a super old, grouchy dog constantly bothered by a young, hyperactive canine companion. When one kid still used a high chair and had legs so chubby that we had to take extra care to clean his folds.

Ah, memories.
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Liz Self said...

Fun! I love "discovering" old pictures.