Thursday, December 03, 2009

Letters to My Son, Day 4

Bon Jour, Mon Fils!

That means, Hello, my son.

Today we got on a boat that took us across the bay to Toulon. We saw big ships that belong to the French Navy. Larien even noticed that one of the boats looked like the small ones you play with in the bath. There were some small waves that had us bouncing a bit. Inwe didn't like that.

Once in Toulon, we went to the market, which is a long street only open to people on foot. No cars drive down the way so that people can look and buy the vegetables and fruit on display. We bought some olives grown in this region as well as some dark purple figs with really red insides. Those were very yummy and made us remember the figs we used to eat from the bushes in our yard in Virginia. As Larien ate a fig, her tooth fell out that has been wiggly for a long time. She was quite happy with that.

The wind, called Le Mistral, blew hard today. We were cold, so we bought some scarves to protect our necks. We also noticed that people wear a lot of black here and boots. None of us wear boots unless it is raining. Your sisters also bought some fabric to make pillows for Grandma M. We'll let you help put in the stuffing. She will like those presents. We got something for Aunt L in Toulon as well. We are still searching for the best gift for Mom Mom. If you have any suggestions, we will take them. Maybe some perfume? Or scented sachets for her panty drawer?

Tomorrow we will go to Aix (said like ex) to meet a friend for lunch. It is known as one of the most beautiful places in all of France. We look forward to getting there and having someone who speaks French help us order food.

We miss you. One day we will take you somewhere in Europe so you can see how different things are here. The cars and trucks are much smaller because the streets are small. Sometimes you have to go in reverse to find a place where two cars can pass each other. Plus, instead of traffic lights, there are circles to keep the traffic moving. That has been fun, too.

We love you. Take care of Mom Mom and have a great time with Aunt J and Uncle L. Give Aunt L a big hug and kiss, OK? She will like that.



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