Sunday, November 08, 2009

Really? In NOVEMBER?

If the forecasts are correct, New Orleans will only get a grazing, but my mother in Pensacola looks to get a full-on hit. Someone needs to tell this hurricane that it is November, and while still in hurricane season, it shouldn't be doing this. OKAY? Futz out now. Fizzle. Vamooose, please.

I have another reason to ask this. I deal with a daily hurricane Ida, also known as my newest dog (Whose name really is Ida). She's learned how to open the dog food container. She seeks out lost socks so she can eat them. She routinely wakens us at 5:15am. OMG, the barks. And, let's not forget that she gets into trash cans. The picture below is how she greeted us a few days ago, with the top stuck on her neck.

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Liz Self said...

You always have the most interesting dogs, SB.