Saturday, November 28, 2009

Letters to my son, day 2

We took a trip, leaving my son in the able hands of my mother. These are my emails to him.

Dear Son,

We keep waking up pretty late (well, your sisters do), so we decided to stay near the house today. Near us is a path along a rocky beach to a tall mountain. We got the girls to hike it with us until Larien couldn't go any further. That's when we turned around.

The walk was really pretty though. There aren't many trees. The high winds keep them from growing too high. The bushes that grow are very fragrant (that means they smell nice). The water of the sea is such a lovely, clear blue. The beaches, though, aren't as nice as those near Mom Mom. Too many rocks.

We also picked up glass that had been rolled by the sea so that it is smooth. Most of it was green, but we got some clear pieces a a few yellow and brown pieces. We had a picnic on a jetty, too.

This evening we ate a restaurant. I had to order because no one there spoke English. I did okay until I had to tell the lady how I wanted my steak cooked. I didn't know how to say medium. A nice man who had some English helped out.

We will try again to take the boat ride to Toulon tomorrow. I will email one of your aunts to tell you how it went.

I love you. Daddy loves you. At least one sister misses you. I don't know about the other. She did gather some acorns for you.



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Liz Self said...

Very cool. My mom always tells the story of taking the three older kids to Disney World and leaving my little sister with my grandmother. I would love to read what she wrote about that trip with us. Hope you're having a great time -- the boy, too.