Friday, November 27, 2009

Letters to my son, day 1

Dear Son,

We didn't go on a boat ride today. We discovered that your sisters had lice in their hair, probably picked up on the first flight. Maybe Mom Mom has checked you by now. I hope you don't have any. Because of the lice, I brushed and combed your sisters' heads for hours. And I am not fooling around about the time. After lunch we went to to towns that have been around since the 1600s. That's 400 years old. Well, gosh, maybe longer. I don't remember the date as I was so happy to not be nit picking. Both of the towns are high atop hills. In the towns are lots of olive trees. In fact, there are lots of olive trees and grape vines around here.

On the way home, we decided to go through some towns on the coast instead of the big highway that you have to pay to drive on. We did fine until one of the roads we wanted to take was blocked. The detour wasn't marked well, so your dad and I got lost. We ended up on a hilltop road where there was only room for one car at a time. With some patience, we made it back to the house where we had dinner.

I heard you liked the Ice Age movie. That's great.

I love you, Son.



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Smalltown RN said...

I stopped in via JMB blogs for Photo hunt. Although you have made a post your topic fits the bill well...the technologicall advancement that have been made in forecasting the weather is amazing.....

Happy Saturday to you...