Monday, November 30, 2009

Letters to My Son, Day 3

Dear Jack,

I enjoyed talking to you this afternoon. I have missed seeing your cheery face.

Did I tell you yesterday about the dog that stayed beside us? She had stolen someone's bread and tried to get some food from us. If I could get the picture off of the camera, I would show you the red dog.

Today, at the palace we saw a cat (le chat in French) strolling through the place. I think it lived there. That palace was built 700 years ago.

We also went on a bridge near the palace. Your eldest sister had learned a song from your music teacher that was about that particular bridge. She was happy to know it and to sing it as she walked along the part that still reached into the Rhone river. Part of it got washed away in a flood many years ago.

The drive to the palace was long, and your sisters fell asleep as we drove through the mountains back to the coast. That nap kept them awake past the normal bed time. Our sleep is all messed up here because while the clock may say that it is midnight, our brains still think it is dinner time in New Orleans.

We plan to walk along the beach tomorrow and to hike in the forest near the beach. We will go to a port town to eat seafood for dinner tomorrow. We keep wanting to have French food, but we get tired and grab some bread, butter, and cheese. It is everywhere here, and it is so very good. You would like it, too.

I love you. Keep having a great time at your grandmother's house. Give the poodle a pet so he knows that he is loved.



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