Monday, October 12, 2009

12 October 2009

A really great investment in toys for us has been Lego blocks. We still have the large, Duplo kind we bought for our first child. After seven years and three children later, they are still in use. Our plan is to pack them off to friends who have children younger than us.

In the past year, we've bought a few sets of the regular Legos and others have given us the kits for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. We dutifully constructed all of the kits. These models lasted an approximate 36 hours before becoming victim to my children's imaginations. My eldest built a rover that roams the red planet, Mars. My son has built so many different cars, ambulances, airplanes, and rockets that I have lost track. My middle girl prefers to make houses.
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dragon knitter said...

i always bought the big kits with the thinkingthat they'd only get assembled once, and then cannibalized for all the good parts. the boys have graduated to bionicles (they're 15 & 17 now, lol), and make all kinds ofweird monsterswith those. best toys EVAR!

Liz Self said...

We have some Duplo. Ollie can stack blocks but not fit together the legos yet. I used to love walking by Legoland in Chicago. They had these huge sculptures made of Legos. So cool!