Sunday, October 11, 2009

11 October 2009

My eldest is Mrs. Duck in the second grade play. Today we worked on the costume. We foraged at a store, gathering a plain white hat, an orange flexible folder, three white feathered dusters, a plain white t-shirt, and a woman's long-sleeved mustard shirt. We made the hat first, affixing eyes, the bill, and the feathers on the top. My daughter insisted on a bow so that she wouldn't be mistaken for being a boy duck. The picture is our end product.

After demolishing the dusters, we used more feathers to decorate the white t-shirt. I know I made it, but we did a good job with a hot glue gun (what can't you do with some hot glue when you need to make a costume?). For the legs, we used fusable tape to glue the sleeves of the mustard-colored shirt to the legs. We searched the store for leggings of that color, but we failed. Therefore, we did the best we could.

We used the rest of the flexible orange folder to make shoe covers so she'll have webbed feet.

I'll show a photo on the day of her dress rehearsal. We definitely had fun with all the feather fluff flying.
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Cindy said...

So, we still don't know what the HP stands for? I assume that Phill knows?

Sarabeth said...

It's not something that I talk about much, Cindy.