Sunday, February 01, 2009

Reveiw: GreenWorks Wipes

Upfront, I need to admit that I am a convert to the Green Works line of cleaners. I use nearly all of the products offered. The only exception is the dilutable cleaner. That isn't because I don't like it. It's because I have someone else do the deep cleaning of my house. I stink at the real cleaning. I'm good at surface cleaning, though.

I have a new friend in the Green Works Cleaning Wipes. With three kids and one dog who thinks she's a kid, we have lots of little messes in the house. The wipes have been great for those. I needed to give a guest bathroom a quick wipe down. The room smelled great (wonderful lemony scent) and everything glistened. No dust of un-use on any surface.

If you haven't tried the very afforadable line of natural cleaners from Clorox, go out and try them. For those of you who don't like scents, the dishwashing liquid has an unscented version. I do recommend the lemon scent. It makes me smile and think of summer.

A big thanks to Mom Central for the sample product to review. These will be on my permanent shopping list.

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