Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sneaux in New Orleans

On the ginger plants in the backyard.
On my back gate. Check out the moving snowflakes on the right.
Just in case you think I lifted the photos from somewhere else, here is the Prytania street sign as photographed from my front porch. It's 9:30 AM, and sneaux is still falling.
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GMG said...

Snow in NOLA? That's amazing... Never thought it could happen... ;))

CJ said...

Wow! I lived in NO for seven years and never saw it snow.

Kell said...

sneux... I like it.

dragon knitter said...

no school today, 18 million accidents, and a touch of christmas in the deep south.


Steve Buser said...

Great photos. Hope you got no frost bite taking them.

jmb said...

So has everything come to a halt? We had three inches here in Vancouver this weekend and that's what happens here. Eventually we adjust and get on with life. I guess it won't stick for long there.

Sarabeth said...

Hi JMB, our snow lasted one day, probably even just a few hours. By the time I picked up the girls from school, there was none left, although most of the schools closed their aftercare facilities and many afterschool activities (like gymnastics for my girls) were canceled. So, yes, everything shut down for a bit.

We're in the 70s today! (on the Fahrenheit scale)