Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Review: Clorox 2

Mom Central asked me to review the laundry additive of Clorox 2, a color safe bleach. I received a coupon to buy a jug, but I forgot to use it so I didn't actually get one for free like I do many times. No matter, though. I always need help with laundry.


Do you really need to ask a mother of three that question? Add to the general messiness of kids the fact that two of them wear uniforms to school and, in my house at least, you have a recipe for very dirty and stained clothes. I try. I do. Sadly, I fail many times to liberate the stain from the fibers.

Now, however, I have Clorox 2. This can be added to either conventional washers or to the HE versions, which I inherited with this house. You can also pretreat bad stains, and I had a bad stain--Chocolate Milk. That t-shirt is quite clean now. It's lovely, actually, and I'm happy about that as it is a Monticello shirt, which would be hard to procure again as I don't live near Monticello any longer.

Another nice feature of Clorox 2 is that the favored red jumper and plaid walking shorts don't look faded. I wash these a lot as I'm too cheap to buy more than two pairs of shorts and more than one red jumper. It's not that the uniforms are expensive; I simply don't need too many around. With five people in the house, I do plenty of loads of laundry.

Here's the best part about this review: I have four (4) coupons for one free bottle of liquid or dry Clorox 2. All you need to do is leave a comment by Sunday, December 7th. If I get more than 4, I'll pick names out of a hat.


turtle toes said...

Thanks for the review.... with my four kiddos, I HAVE to try this!

emory said...

Sophie wants her name in the hat.

dragon knitter said...

pick me, pick me! i've actually used it before, and liked it. i tend to buy tide with bleach, but that's getting to be a rarer thing around here. i can definitely use it.

Trixie said...

Hey I have a 2 year old and Thanksgiving stains were rough. Why is all this Fall food orange? OMG the stains.

Anonymous said...

maddjones: I already swear by this stuff. Though for awhile my husband was confused by the multiple bottles by the washing machine and it took me about a month to figure out that when he did laundry he was using this as the "soap". I have to give him points for trying.

Kell said...

You know, Sunday December 7th is my birthday (no pressure, Sarabeth!)