Sunday, December 28, 2008

Everything and Nothing

Each time I say this, I find that I don't really take a blogging break. Perhaps I shouldn't say that I will be taking a blogging break. Then, I wouldn't be saying something that I didn't mean.

I look at the blog, something I was so good about when I began and all the way up until I began writing more earnestly, and I wonder why I can't write as much as I did.

Duh. I'm using my writing time to do something else. Plus, I'm taking photos for the Envisage 365 project (check us out, if you can, add us to your reader, the photos of our lives are both beautiful and interesting), which shouldn't take much time, but I find that my brain isn't working quite like it should for blogging.

That, and I have joined forces with two other women on another writing project--one we hope comes to fruition online and in print. I have such delusions of grandeur.

So, at least until mid-January, I will take a break from this blog.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I hope it's a fruitful break, and that we'll learn about your new writing project!

Sarabeth said...

I just realized that I have one more review to post before I take that break! ACK! It always happens.

jmb said...

Well enjoy the break Sarabeth. Sometimes blogging is a real drag and I would like to be shot of it for a bit. Actually I am rather quiet of late but not officially on hiatus.

Liz Self said...

We'll miss you but look forward to future innovations!

Steve Buser said...

I hope you get your writing feet back under you soon.