Sunday, December 07, 2008

Coupon Winners

Between Blogger and Facebook (my blog entries post as notes on FB), there were nine comments asking for the four Clorox 2 coupons. I wrote everyone's name on a small slip of paper, allowing my daughters to choose two slips as I held the cup over their heads.

The winners of a coupon good for a free bottle of Clorox 2 (or choose the powder if you like that. Having spilled too many boxes of powder, I run from the boxes. Quickly. Without looking back.)* are these lucky people:
  • Rene, who left her comment on FB. She has six kids. I'm sure her laundry room is in constant use.
  • Dragon Knitter, a Blogger commenter, who has used Clorox 2 before and liked it so much she wanted her next purchase subsidized.
  • Sophie, a dog well photographed by her person, Bill Emory, who was actually the one who left the comment. I can imagine the voice recognition software for dogs isn't refined enough for her to comment.
  • Susan, who is also a FB friend, with two children, young ones, and we all know how messy those little ones can get. Plus, she ran the Marine Corps Marathon. That has nothing to do with needing Clorox 2. I simply need to make opportunities to praise her for that.
Email me or FB Inbox me with your address, and I'll put the coupons in the mail. I might even hand them to Kevin, my mailman that White Dragon refuses to like. The UPS guy can walk right to the door. Kevin, who smiles and laughs and makes conversations as he travels the neighborhood, is continually shunned by my dog.

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