Friday, November 07, 2008

20% Accomplished and Other Things

As of this afternoon, I have written just over 10,000 words on my next story, getting me 20% to my goal (and NaNoWriMo's goal) of 50,000 words. I couldn't have done this without slogging through the first story that I wrote (and that many of you read) or without crafting the plot of the second story (which I promise to post). Phill and I have discussed this plot since mid-August. We talked about the characters and their major hangups, those bits that make the emotional conflict real. Phill's invented some funny scenes and lines that haven't yet been written. They aren't ones to forget.

I'm also getting behind on others pursuits, like blogging, speaking about MRSA, and reviewing some toys. I will accomplish it all. The MRSA story is one that I want you all to know so that you can work to prevent these types of infections. I might even show you what I looked like during that infection. It's not an easy decision to make.

So, here's to writing, and so far, not one single sentence is smut.

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