Friday, October 17, 2008

So Close, but So Far Away

My husband read the entire manuscript in under three hours this past weekend. Some may say that is bothersome, that the book is too short. Yet, I don't think that. I want this story, A Man of Few Words, to be a short read with emotional punch. I intended it to be that way.

I enjoy books that are easy reads, whether they are painful or serious. Many times, I look at a book with its imposing page count as something I will not be able to complete. I fear my life as a mother to three children will consume all the energy I might spare to reading.

Until he read it, I thought I was done writing it. Sure, I had editing to do, maybe some insertions of new scenes. Now, I realize that writing fatigue set in towards the end. My showing had turned to telling. With that in mind, I edited and added to Chapter 12.

I am writing a new chapter for 13. What was the end chapter of the book will now be 14 with a different focus. Yet, in a promise to a friend, I will post all of it before the end of the year. She needs to reach her goal of 50 books.

Here it is: Chapter 12. If you cry, let me know.

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