Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A post about the banner

The cloud banner above is from a photo that my husband took as we toured two plantations upriver from New Orleans. We visited Destrehan and Oak Alley. I will probably return to the bead tree at some time. The clouds called to me as they remind me of beautiful days with a warm wind blowing. It's my way of not letting those beautiful days get away.


Kell said...

It's a beautiful pic! My compliments to the photographer!

Kelley P said...

Did I tell you that when I first read the banner on the blog I thought it said "A journey through life with a woman of many 'pantsuits'? And I thought, hmm, perhaps a Hillary fan?

Sarabeth said...

Kelley, that is hilarious. No, I was never a Hillary fan. I like her, but she wouldn't have been the right person to succeed Bush in the back and forth of Bushes and Clintons.

And, I must note, I have nary a pantsuit.