Monday, September 22, 2008

Review: Spot Shot

Almost a year ago, we moved to a house, age 105 years, with carpets that we knew weren't in great shape. The structure of the carpet remained fine, but oh, the stains. My family isn't helping things with three young children and a big dog doing what those creatures do, make messes.

I have bought three different types of spot removers for carpets and have been just so-so on all of them. They require wait times from three minutes to 15 minutes before trying to get the spot out of the carpet. And, only one of them has shown any aptitude at removing the old stains, except that pesky wait time. You might think a three minute wait time is nothing. Spend a day with my son beside me and the dog wanting to go out and in and in and out and out and in and in and out. By the time I've gotten back to the sprayed spot in question the solution is dry, there is nothing to blot up with a dry cloth, and vacuuming alone does nothing. Wait times are bad in this house.

Mom Central offered me a sample of Spot Shot by the WD-40 company. The bottle arrived with a carpet sample, some chocolate, ammonia, and instructions on how to make a mess on the carpet. The bottle also says it works in an instant and on old stains. I made a cloth damp, sprayed the spot on the front parlor carpet and dabbed at it. You can tell from the top two panels that most of the stain vanished. (No comments on the rug. It came with the house, was custom fit for around the fireplace, and it's going to remain in the house until my children are older, much older.)

Wow! Let me try it on a spot in my middle child's room. Four spots of something. I sprayed the two on the left with Spot Shot. The two on the right received a foam of 409 Carpet Cleaner. I waited the required three minutes for the 409 cleaner.(with my son over my shoulder asking, "Now, Mommy?" every two seconds). I waited no time at all for the Spot Shot. Bam! All the spots gone.

I ask you: Which one would you rather have? Instant or three minutes?

I know my answer. Instant.

Included in the package was a coupon for $1 off Spot Shot. Comment by Friday and I'll randomly pick a winner.
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Genevieve said...

Looks like a great product. It's available in stores?

Sarabeth said...

I saw it last week in a hardware store. Isn't it just weird that hardware stores have cleaning supplies? Ours also has school glue and pencils for kids.

dragon knitter said...

ooooooo pick me, pick me! i have the amazing peeing cat, who gets upset when i clean "her" spot, and pees on it again.

Liz Self said...

Your review has worked. I went to the store today and got a can of this to use on the rug in the baby's room. He's has projectile pooped on it three times now, and I want to make sure we're get it clean before storing it away until his poop solidifies a little :)

Sarabeth said...

Oh, report back! Let us know if baby poop smell is removed. It certainly got rid of the smell where Finwe did a pee.

Trixie said...

Oh my! We are going to be in full potty training mode in the next few months. I know there will be accidents.

How will I ever remember to buy this? Arggg.

You need to set a tickler and email in January with a reminder :)

Sarabeth said...

Reminder written on my calendar. Better yet! I'll post date a blog post!