Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If I didn't have too many . . .

I'd buy me one of these. It's a Butler Bag, and as the link on the right says, this is the only purse I use. I have a classic and a hybrid. I've bought my sister a few and my mom one. The hybrid is a great mom purse without looking like a mom purse. Now, besides the other colors of black, coffee, creme brulee, olive, and ginger, you can get a red one.

I once fit three juice boxes, two diapers, one pack of wipes, three bags of snacks, one change of undies for the middle kid, my wallet, my cell phone, my keys, lipstick, a compact, and a camera. I'm sure there were other things in the bag as well, like pens and a checkbook and probably a toy from my son. Best thing? All I needed was to open the bag to find what I needed.

These purses are fabulous and classy. If you click on the picture below or the link on the right, you'll get right to Butler Bag. Weird, the photo shows in the preview but not on the blog. Click here for the bag.

Inside the Coffee Hybrid Butler Bag


jmb said...

Very confused, the link in the post led nowhere but clicking on the bag got me there.

Looks very enticing although I cannot imagine I would ever have the inside looking like that. Nor would I want to I only carry lipstick, sometimes. But I am sure I would be tempted to stack it to the top and be more round-shouldered than I am now.

I love handbags but I have one essential criterion. It must have an outside pocket, for my keys. This does not seem to have one that I can see.

Sarabeth said...

There are pockets on the outside--one on each end. It's where I keep my keys.

jmb said...

Well OK then. I'll investigate further.