Thursday, September 04, 2008

I want to go back

but, I have electricity here. In New Orleans, I have no electricity. Sure, we are five people and one unhappy dog in a two bedroom house, but we have air conditioning.

Our plan, if Phill provides evidence of moving electrons, is to travel home tomorrow. If not, I will leave him to his trip to the Bulldog to drink copious amounts of beer after being in the hospital since Friday, August 29th.

School is back in session beginning on Monday. We'll definitely return by Sunday. I'm lucky. I have a place to stay without a bill at the end. We don't need a shelter, either.

We will leave my sister's house full of drawings and dog hair, though.

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Michael Hebert said...


I am glad to see you are doing well after Gustav. I tried to email Phil just before the storm, but I guess he was already incarcerated in the hospital.

Good luck with the electricity. And please do stay away from Starbucks. There is better coffee, especially in NOLA.

Let me know how things are going.