Friday, September 05, 2008

I call it my brain, but sometimes I can't make it work

One of the problems of not being at my house for the past week is that my creativity level has decreased. I have had this recurring dream of a young man with green eyes deeply shadowed meeting a blond young woman on the beach. A mere touch of their hands sends a spark of magic through them. Somewhere in my mind I've stored this as a novel that describes the beginning of magic. That these two people meeting is the key. In fact, there are other couplings that could have caused magic to grow, but these are the first.

I'd like to read a fantasy novel in which the world of magic is not dying, but beginning. Perhaps that is why I have this dream. Who knows.

What I haven't done is written/edited on A Man of Few Words, which could be called something related to chemistry if I ever get around to thinking about it. I do have Chapter 8 on the novel blog. The mother, though, has no first name. That's why I say I can't make my brain work. Susan's mother is mother with no name. Mental block. Should I name her Hannah? Josephine? Ike just won't do, and I've already decided that there are no feminine forms of Gustav that my characters will have. Sure, someone could write a character named Gustavia, but not me.

Anyway, Chapter 8. Comment if you care.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I care, but I'm still slogging through Don Quixote and lesson plans... I want. my. own. reading. time.

Glad you all are okay. Glad Phill's getting a break tonight.

Hope your travels are easy ones.