Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Review: Noodleboro Games, Learning to Listen Pizza Palace Game

Mom Central sent me a new game to review. Noodleboro, made by Hasbro, has a series of games to help children learn to share, to listen, and to have good manners. My children and I reviewed the Learning to Listen Pizza Palace game.

The game includes a story book, a CD with a read along portion and songs, and the game. We inserted the CD, opened the book, and listening to the story of the pizza palace owner hurting his foot. Two small boys take over the pizza place, but they didn't listen to the chef's instructions, causing a ruckus. Hence, the premise for the game--your kid or kids take over the pizza place trying to get the orders correct.

My kids are 6, 4, and 2 (but closer to 7,5, and 3). All of them could play the game, although there are only two pizza templates and two sets of toppings that match a set of cards. And, boy, did my kids laugh at the toppings for the pizza. Everything from anchovies, to shoes, to dirty socks, to soccer balls. I deliberately chose three of the weirdest toppings, turning over the cards once the kids had heard and seen my selections. They didn't always get them correct, but they tried. The game kept their interest for a long time. We played the game repeatedly over the next few days, too.

Although I haven't tried these modifications, I'm sure they'll work. My eldest excelled at the game when I showed them the cards and said the toppings. For her, I should probably just tell the toppings to her, turning the cards face down for verification once she's made the pizza.

For my middle child, showing her the cards and saying the toppings works very well. We began with three toppings and increased that number to five as she improved. For my youngest, we worked on following directions, which meant that I left the cards face up for him.

The game is adorable, useful, and full of whimsy. I have two coupons for $3 off the purchase of Noodleboro games. All you have to do is leave a comment. I'll randomly choose a name. Comments close on Saturday, August 23rd at noon, CDT.

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Trixie said...

I have the perfect 3 year old girl for this game. She only ever wants cheese to eat. Cheese pizza. Cheese sticks. Cheese and crackers.

I can't wait for Dare to get big enough to play the game. He's still too young. But oh my is he getting bigger :)