Thursday, August 28, 2008

Review: Green Works by Clorox Dishwashing Liquid

In February I reviewed two of the products from the Green Works line. I loved them so much that I took a trip to buy my own when the ones sent to me for review were empty.

Mom Central offered me a chance to try the dishwashing liquid from this line of products. I jumped at the chance to try this product as I had looked for something like it but hadn't seen it on the shelves. By far, I use for dishwashing liquid than any other cleanser in my house.

The verdict is good. I knew I would like the smell; the light lemony aroma makes me happy. The pots and pans came out clean with no more scrubbing than I use with any other dishwashing liquid. I don't cook a lot of greasy foods, yet we did eat andouille sausage one night. This dish soap got rid of the grease.

I'm taking the bottle to the grocery store I frequent the most to ask the manager to stock this line. As it is now, I make an extra trip to the massive, smiley-faced, big box store to purchase the Green Works cleansers. But, I'll keep doing it. That's how much I like these products.

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turtle toes said...

I am so excited about the dishwashing liquid - I can't wait to try it. I've tried the other products from the line (on your recommendation) and have loved them!