Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Review: Preserve Toothbrushes or A Lesson For Little Girls

I attempt to teach my children the importance of recycling, reducing, and reusing. They know where to put the plastic and glass bottles. Our recycling bin is easily accessed. My children love to draw, and although we have gotten them to color digital creations without using paper, they love the real paper. We went through their art a few days ago, placing some in the recycling bin and keeping others.

My teaching isn't perfect, and I'm sure we could do more. Now, we can. Mom Central introduced me to Preserve, a product line of recycled products, from personal care to table ware to kitchen items. We have used the Preserve Jr. toothbrushes for two of my children for a week or so. So far, all I have to say is positive.

1. They clean nicely. My daughters have noticed no difference from conventionally produced toothbrushes.

2. There are no cartoon characters on the handles, which is fine with my daughters as they've passed the stage where brushing with Barbie, Diego, or Lightning McQueen is the end all to be all.

3. My kids love the container, a clear, hard plastic sleeve that can be recycled after use.

4. When the life of the toothbrush is done, we print a postage paid label to send the toothbrush back to Recycline for recycling. Cool, huh? We find that cool and easy.

Preserve toothbrushes are available at Target stores and at the Whole Foods near me. I rarely drive that far these days, so I hope to see these toothbrushes have a wider distribution. (You'll have to excuse or love the fact that I only use my van when absolutely, postively necessary. I'm still in suburban hangover mode. I love the close quarters of the city. Oh, I do. I do.)

You can click on this link for a $1 off coupon for two Preserve toothbrushes, either regular or Jr. I plan on buying some for Phill and I when I visit Whole Foods next.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Very cool product, Sarabeth! Thanks for letting us know.