Friday, June 06, 2008

Makes us sound elitist

Today as I do many days, as I've lived in this city since late November, I wonder what can be done to lower the crime rate in those certain parts of the city that many of us that can avoid. Much as someone who has never studied science, statistics, and analysis of research, I am lost when it comes to policy of how to "clean up" a city. If you read the local bloggers, one solution will be to get new leadership at all levels. New Orleans could do with some sunshine into city government, as well. Yet, what does this do about crime? Give people the opportunity to have a job, but with the unemployment rate in N.O. hovering slightly above 3%, that can't help that much. Or is it the types of jobs available? Now, I nod my head that poverty has an obvious effect, but, but, but . . .

The wheels of my brain spin uselessly. Don't people exist who can fix it?

Still, I do like where I live, even as the temperatures climb. Yep, our kids do go to private school. We can afford it. Yes, we do avoid certain parts of the city. I'm beginning to feel like Barack Obama, being called elitist because of the price of arugula. I did not grow up with anything more than two caring parents, a good extended family, and a light skin color, which sadly still gives an advantage. Maybe those times will change faster if real change occurs in November.

Oh, yes, here's the article that quotes Phill: New Orleans City Business.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm hoping that real change will come next January and we can start healing as a country. I do know, though, that until we deal with the issue of racism, we're going to continue to have real problems. The huge gaps between the haves and the have-nots isn't helping, either.

jmb said...

I have been interested to hear about how much you like living in New Orleans. Every city has it's problems and it's "bad" parts which should be avoided.
Whatever you do or feel about the need for and implementation of change you must ensure that your family is safe and well provided for first and I don't see that as being elitist.
Hopefully the problems in NO will eventually be solved, although not all ever will be.