Saturday, May 17, 2008


Phill has a golden weekend, what we called weekends without any call time when he was a resident. Then we would jump on a boat to Victoria or hike for hours in the Cascades or find anything that existed far from the hospital. A few times we rode our bikes along the Burke-Gillman trail to the tip of Lake Washington, grab a beer, and pedal southwards to home.

Today, with kids, this means that we find a family event to do--say the zoo. While we ate lunch surrounded by the gators of the Louisiana Swamp exhibit, we heard a group behind us discussing the omnipresent love bugs.

"What? You don't have love bugs in Arkansas? We've got 'em in North Carolina. We even barbeque them. We barbeque everything."

Phill and I couldn't help laugh. I think it is safe to say that in New Orleans, chefs make a po-boy out of everything.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

okay... definitely going to look in that po' boy carefully next time I'm down there.

One of the nicer things about Michigan is that we don't have love bugs.

We do have 17 year locusts though... and they are a trip.

Elle said...

Gah. Love bugs. We had a family song called Love Bugs In Your Teeth (sung to Strangers In the Night) inspired by some motorcycle riders braving the spring onslaught. Fried oyster po' boy, tartar sauce, no love bugs, please.