Friday, May 16, 2008

Ode to Formosan Termites

(As adapted from Andre Lloyd Webber's Music of the Night)

Night-time sharpens,
heightens winged sensations . . .
Termites stir and
wake imagination . . .
Silently the houses
abandon their defences . . .
Slowly, gently
night unfurls its splendour . . .
Smoosh them, swat them -
tremulous and tender . . .
Turn off all the switches
Try not to have the twitches,
turn your thoughts away
from cold, unfeeling light -
and listen to
the music of termites . . .

As I called our pest control company this morning, I imagined the phone attendant having a sheet of information in front of her that detailed how to calm the fears of homeowners. Formosan Termites swarm during May and June. Certain colony members sprout wings in the hopes of making a new colony as they fly from home. They flock to lights, hence the advice I received this morning to turn off all our lights in the evening. I am also not to cook with my vent hood light lit. The things dropped from the range hood! Thankfully, I was through cooking, or we'd have gotten a bit more protein in our meal. Although, chimpanzees like ants and probably termites, so we would probably like them. Our DNA is similar.

I was told to not panic if I found a few of them in the house. Hundreds of discarded wings near a window or such places might indicate an infestation, though. If I see that, I'm calling again. We do have the bait stations around the house, which have been inactive (good) since we moved here. Tonight, we sit in the dark, curtains drawn, eating cold food. Although I'm not supposed to be panicked, I am creeped out.

The link above leads you to information on the Formosan termite as compiled by the University of Florida.


Anonymous said...

too funny,

I'm thinking we're not having basmati rice tonight?

Ex Utero

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Great lyrics, but I'm sorry for the need for them. I hope the pest company comes through quickly!

Kell said...

I think I'd freak - and pay the exterminator to come over for a pity-spray... Yow!

Have you checked out 'Gardens' sometimes they have no-chemical answers to this - or - Google Mike McGrath - he does a radio show called "You Bet Your Garden" where he answers questions like this one - you can e-mail him too.

I had an infestation of ladybugs once... They hatched on a window of mine - and nearly blocked out the light... And I love Lady bugs - but that was too much.