Monday, May 05, 2008

Dream a Sad Dream

I dreamed about my father's friend speaking at the funeral. I heard the words as the wind carried his praise across the sun-soaked national cemetery. I felt the weight of my then seven-month-old son as he wiggled discontentedly in my arms. The shock of the guns saluting my father made me jump, although I heard the commands of the sergeant, carried on that same breeze.

I woke with tears, wondering why I had this dream. Yes, the day nears that marks the second year without my father. Yes, I constantly think of my father.

Could it have been that someone who loved him passed into the great beyond last night? I'm not one to believe in that. Yet, my grandmother, his mother-in-law, said goodbye to this world late last night. At the age of 92, she lived a long life, full of family. She wished that she had not outlived her husband and six younger brothers.

We will miss the woman whose garden supplied us with soup bases, lima beans, corn, green beens, tomatoes, field peas, squash, and watermelon. Large ones, cooled in the outside refrigerator, frequently eaten under the shade trees. Long have we missed the large pots of chicken and dumplings, the pies, the cakes, the "cat head" biscuits (so named because they were as large as a cat's head), and the fried chicken.

We crammed her table, the kids bumping hips on the bench along the wall. The adults occupied the other seats and a few at her counter. We drank sweet tea and always had a side of sliced tomatoes. Clean-up, standing at the sink washing and drying the dishes, took hours.

Goodbye, Grandmother. You were loved.


Anonymous said...
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jmb said...

I'm sorry to hear this Sarabeth. Today we share a loss. A grandmother is a very special person in children's lives and it sounds as if she left a wonderful legacy of good memories for you and your family.
Take care.

nola said...

I really am sorry for your loss. Especially close to the anniversary of your father's death. She'll live on through your memories!

Kell said...

A lovely tribute - and I'm so sad and sorry for your loss.