Monday, April 21, 2008

Where I lose a babysitter

April 21-27 is Turn Off Your TV Week. Honest parents will tell you that the TV can be the one tool granting the mom or dad half a hour of quiet time for kids past the napping age. I monitor what my children view, keeping some of the more offensive shows from their eyes.

This week, I'm participating in Turn Off Week. For me, this means serious hands-on time with the youngest, directive play and lessons with the middle one, and constant griping at the oldest one. I'm slightly kidding about the griping, but there will be whines on both sides.

Why turn off the TV?

I'm doing it to stimulate my children's minds for creative play.

We don't watch a horrible amount of television, but I see room for improvement in our habits. Phill and I rarely watch TV, if you don't count coverage of the upcoming Presidential election. Phill can focus on the news channels for an entire evening. I cannot. That brings me to my second reason for turning off the TV this week: reminding my children that entertainment comes in many forms. Phill and I write and read for entertainment. We used to play board games and role-playing games, but kids put a stop to that. We do have some to play with them.

What am I going to do?

Focus on the outdoor activities, like playing in water, digging in dirt, riding bikes, and walking the dog. I'll pull out the puzzles (some more advanced than my children's ages), using the dining room table for that activity. We have paints. We have bubble goop. We have colors and markers and loads of paper left from the moving company. I'll focus on books and reading lessons for the kids. The two eldest love math problems (I am so not kidding), so I'll write up a few pages of those.

Can we make it?

Umm . . . I have no idea, but we're going to give our best effort.

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jmb said...

We did not have TV when my children were small, not until the youngest was about six and the elder 10. Boy did we have trouble getting baby sitters!
But we seemed to do just fine. At least you have good weather for the outdoor activities down there.