Friday, April 04, 2008

Tourist In Our Own City

With my mother-in-law visiting, we hired a carriage to take us around the Garden District. She wanted to see the neighborhood. She cannot walk it due to her age. By car isn't as touristy. Thanks to Bob and Sandy (the mule), we rode around the neighborhood listening to some facts. Mostly, we enjoyed letting Grandma get a look at the place in all its fabulousness. The neighbors we knew gave us expressions of delight and confusion. Still, fun for the kids and for our visitor.

Pictured above is the largest mansion in the Garden District according to our guide. I, however, cannot find an online link to that information. Instead, take this tour using A quick note, though. Anne Rice no longer owns the homes stated in the iNetTours text.
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jmb said...

NO a very special place indeed. You sound as if you have really taken to it.