Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Review: Kellogg's Wild Animal Crunch Cereal

I have a crew of children that don't like to eat first thing in the morning. I've tried everything. Donuts tend to tempt them, but no mom wants to give their kids that every day. Or, I hope not. Please, don't. That's not good.

When Mom Central offered me a try of the Kellogg's Wild Animal Crunch, I said yes. I received a box (retail at my store $2.99) with the polar bear image on the front and a DVD of the Animal Planet series Meerkat Manor. I won't review Meerkat Manor because two of my children are too young to deal with the drama of nature. The first episode had my four year-old shaking in her chair. I don't often give the six year-old time to watch TV by herself, so that show will have to wait.

My daughters enjoyed the flavor of the cereal without milk. In fact, they like the dry cereal so much, that we've not had a reason to add milk. (What can I say? My kids like peanut butter without the bread and jelly, too.) They passed the box between them, investigating the shapes and discussing the animals featured on the back of the box. My eldest can read, which meant that she spread the information to her younger brother. I think they ate the cereal as fast as they could so I would flatten the box. There are trading cards. Those needed cutting! Soon! Read the backs, Mommy!

As for health, the cereal contains 3 grams of fiber in each serving and is made with whole oat flour. Yes, it still has sugar in it, but I'm not that crazy "get that sugar away from my child" kind of gal. The girls like it. They eat it when they wake in the morning, meaning that their brains work better when at school. This, to me, is the mark of a cereal that I'll buy again (which I have).
Thanks, Kellogg's. I like the panda box front the best.


dragon knitter said...

my kids have eaten cereal without milk often through the years. and not just cheerios, lol. i do it too, so they come by it honestly (my favorite is Malt-o-meal strawberry shredded wheat).

as for peanut butter, my husband eats it with a spoon, lol. in fact, he keeps a jar in the bedroom for late night snacks (thank goodness he doesn't get it on the sheets! i HATE peanut butter!)

Sarabeth said...

Have you always hated peanut butter? I didn't until after my last pregnancy. That caused me to despise the slightest hint of it.

Kell said...

I have to tell you - If I were the marketing manager of a cereal called "Wild Animal Crunch," I'd fire someone. It sounds like the cereal is made out of Wild Animals - and the crunch obviously comes from the bones. In a word, EW! - I would suggest to Kelloggs that they call it something like "Wild and Crunchy" - or Jungle Cereal - or Wild! Crunch - or something... jeez.

Sarabeth said...


You aren't the first person to wonder why they named it thusly. I don't think that way, but many others do.