Friday, April 25, 2008

Demands from a Hospital Bed

Beer, maybe Abita Strawberry Lager (with real Louisiana strawberries)

Cocktail, preferably an Adelaide Swizzle (Nola and I want to find the secret ingredient. Can only be done by tasting repeatedly.)

Chocolate, the dark kind. I can have my cholesterol lowered at the same time.

A walk around my neighborhood, because I miss passing houses like these.

A kiss, to my son, on his sweaty cheek after running naked in the backyard.

A hug, from my middle child, because I didn't brush her hair.

A hand held, from my eldest, the one most worried about me.

A wiggle, from the White Dragon.

A puddle of pee, from my mother's healthy poodle.

A shared talk on the front porch swing, with my sister, who rushed to my aid without a question or clothes or non-work shoes.

A quiet moment on the couch, with my mother, who offered to come before my voice broke and the tears fell.

A snuggle, with my husband in our bed that doesn't have side rails, a nurse call button, or phlebotomists poking me at 5AM.


nola said...

I was craving the Adelaide Swizzle today and thought of you! Soon, sweetie!

Sarabeth said...

Call me when they say you can be discharged and we'll see about some serious wish fulfillment.

Ex Utero

Gail said...

Lovely writing voice. I have no idea what brings you to a hospital bed, but truly hope good health is the magic carpet that takes you back to the White Dragon and charming Mad Scientist.

Your family sounds very special.

jmb said...

I'm sure you'll be sprung soon. Doctors very occasionally prescribed sherry for a patient in our hospital. We only had the cheapest plonk in the pharmacy so they preferred to bring their own which we carefully checked and labelled. Maybe you can speak with your physician regarding this treatment for your condition.

Meg said...

Beautiful posting. Hospital beds are the loneliness places ever. I hope you return home soon.

The Preemie Experiment said...

Sending some more get well wishes Sarabeth.