Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reminder #2: Laptop Giveaway

Contest Closed. You choose the winner by voting for one of the top five

There are still nine days left to enter to win the OLPC laptop. Deadline is March 15th. Write the reason you want the laptop in 500 words or less. I've certainly received some great ones. Choosing the top five will be difficult. (A review of laptops under $300 can be found here.)

Once my husband and I have chose the top five, I will post them to the blog without names and in random order. Each will be identified by a number. The readers will have five days to vote on the most worthy.

I haven't decided on the best way to do this. I can either use an embedded poll or allow voting via the comments, keeping them hidden. If anyone has a suggestion, I will gladly be interested in reading it.

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