Sunday, March 09, 2008

Quote for the Family Weekend

"Being with the kids has been great, but I'm ready to go back to work."--my husband

He did allow me to resign all duties regarding the house, dog, and children when he saw tears welling as I sat on the back stairs. I fell asleep at 8PM and woke at 8AM. Twelve hours felt great, fabulous even.

I've changed the layout so it stretches for bigger screens. It whacks out the banner, though. Oh well, I am not going to spend the time trying to figure out why it does this. There are too many other things to do.


jmb said...

Sarabeth you can change the size of the header to fit your picture you know. I had to do that when blogger mucked up the automatic header adjustment.

Maybe you know this already and are too tired to do it just now. You just have to change the size of the inner header to fit the photo if you don't know this.

I got help in the Blogger help group. You just post a question and tell them the URL of your blog and they will tell you what to do. They have super people there who act as monitors and give you the exact code for the fix. Even I went into the html and corrected it easily.

Sorry if you already know all this.

Sarabeth said...

JMB, I don't think I knew that, but I can look into it. It might be another weekend before anything gets done. The layout looks fine on my ancient (8 years old) monitor. It is when I take it to my lcd-screened laptop that the banner looks all wonky.

Thanks for the tip.

Liz Self said...

I like the new layout. Looks great!

Sarabeth said...

Thanks, Liz. It's the minima stretch through blogger.

Nola said...

Oh I totally know what he means!