Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't Tell Stacy and Clinton

I wore yoga pants all day.

I did not perform a single stretch of yoga.

What about you? What fashion rule (yours or someone else's) have you broken recently?


Huckdoll said...

I've worn a small hole through the knee of my favorite pair of jeans and I'm not even caring whether holes are in or out. They're my favorite jeans and in this case, I'm refusing to follow the rules.

angie said...

Um.........I wear yoga pants all the time when I am home with the kids and never do a lick of any type of exercise. Other than "lounging" clothes though, I always try to follow the fashion rules.

Liz Self said...

Thanks to my burgeoning belly, I get home from work, take off whatever approriate clothes I had on, and put on the one piece of clothing that doesn't smoosh me -- scrub pants that Wes brought home for me! There's got to be some rule about that.

Kell said...

Today I'm wearing a football coach's shirt... because my company was entertaining a new client... so instead of looking my professional best, well, I look like a rectangle.

BookMomma said...

I luuurrvvvee wearing my yoga pants all day. it makes me stay in a state on total OOOOMMM-ness all day long!!

Another fashion taboo of mine would be a pair of jeans with crotch blow-out. Holes have rubbed in the seams but I refuse to throw them out because they were my "I-will-be-skinny-again-one-day-and I-WILL-wear these-jeans-when-that-happens" pants. Since I've lost the weight I can't bear to lose the jeans.