Saturday, March 29, 2008

Catch A Falling Star

I had a chance to walk my dog and my mother's dog tonight, alone, no children. Alone. I enjoyed being able to set my own pace. So many times I heft my 30-plus pound boy on my back or am dragging the four-year-old with the other hand while the dog give gentle pulls on the other.

As I walked, I looked at the houses, the azaleas in bloom, and marveled at the stars in the sky. Though technically I am still visiting a city, the lights are less bright than New Orleans, making the stars more brilliant to my eyes.

Near the end, in the western part of the sky, I watched a faint streak blaze for half a second. A falling star, I thought. I should tell the kids. Have to call it a meteorite, though. Falling star is so much better. Falling star. Hmm.

Then my mind went on a journey to the times and places I have seen meteorites. The most brilliant were in eastern Washington. Yet, the ones I cherish most I saw here in the Pensacola area, mainly on the beach. Would it be too cliche to write in a scene with falling stars in my next novel?


Trixie said...

Not if you do it exactly like that...the balance between what it should be and what it "is in your heart" is a lovely way to write about such treasures.

Kell said...

I like it. I've never read any books with falling stars in them - and like the idea.