Thursday, February 14, 2008

Review: Yoplait Kids Yogurt

Let me make a confession. My children consume foods with sugar. They are allowed candy. When we travel I buy them french fries. I cook white rice for them. They also prefer the apples over the fries at restaurants. When we take them to a buffet, they don't touch the pizza or burgers or hot dogs. They choose vegetables and fruits.

I am not a mother overly concerned with what my children eat. For the most part, they eat bread and pasta with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and the occasional bit of meat. They enjoy dairy foods. I don't hide vegetables in foods. I think that is sneaky, and that I won't be with my children.

Do I look for those foods that are better for them? Sure. Wouldn't everyone if they could afford it? That's why I thought it would be good to review Yoplait Yogurt for Kids. Yogurt with 25% less sugar than other yogurts marketed for kids. I like the concept, but the test would come if my children liked it.

Mom Central sent me 4 oz. cups and 3.1 oz bottles for tasting. I have no idea what those flavors were because my husband forgot to put the product in the refrigerator while I was visiting my mother. Because of this, I purchased the products in flavors I thought my children would like: Strawberry, Strawberry Vanilla, and Banana.

Yoplait scored a winner with me and my children with the drinkable yogurt in banana flavor. My youngest two children drank the 3.1 fluid ounces quickly and promptly asked for more. I managed a taste and loved the tang of the banana flavor without the overwhelming sweetness that plague many other yogurts.

The 4 oz. cups will go begging, waiting for me to eat the strawberry and strawberry vanilla varieties. None of my three children could finish the yogurt, citing lack of taste as their reason. They didn't say yuck; none of them were wowed by the flavor. I wasn't either, and the yogurt I routinely eat has just a gram more sugar in it. Let me say that I have eaten yogurt I made by my own hand in a microbiology lab. That stuff had no sugar or flavor to it. I ate it, all of it, because I wanted that top grade. I add that because I will add fruit to the Yoplait Yogurt for Kids remaining so I will eat it.

My recommendation is to buy the drinkable yogurt in the banana flavor as it tasted lovely. The added bonus is that the bottles are #2 plastic, which most recycling outfits receive. There are many places that don't take yogurt cups for recycling. On our next outing, I will pack a few of the drinkable yogurt bottles in the Yoplait canvas tote I received for doing the review. I won't be buying the cups of yogurt. My kids just don't eat them. They'd rather have my yogurt with the fruit chunks.

To try these yogurts yourself, follow the link to the website where you can sign up for a coupon to cover the cost of the Yoplait Yogurt for Kids.


Amy said...

my kids like these already! thanks for the info regarding the coupon.

i laughed a bit when i read the first part of your post regarding giving your kids sugar, french fries, etc. of course i care what my boys eat, and i give them healthy things, but on occasion they do have these things. i recently just posted about this regarding my son's school wellness policy which has banned all these things.

anyway, sorry about this long comment. i just got your link from my sister at happenings today

have a great weekend!

Momo Fali said...

My kids love the Yoplait yogurt...thank goodness. I think half of it is because it will stick to the spoon if they turn it upside down.

(Really late bloghopping!)

Mojo at Momo Fali's

carymc said...

My daughter loves the drinkable ones, and it's a good way for her to get dairy and protein, since she has suddenly decided she does not like milk.

Anonymous said...