Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Review: Breakfast Breaks (or Drat! Those Convenience Items!)

Through Mom Central, I received two Breakfast Breaks meals for review. These convenience packs are marketed as 3-n-1 breakfast in a box, and that is what you get.

One juice (ours was apple), one Fruit &Grain bar (our boxes contained apple cinnamon and strawberry), and a serving size of cereal in a plastic bowl sans milk (Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch were the varieties we received). First, I was very happy that all you had to do was add milk. When I first signed up for the review, I became worried that the boxes had those cereal bars which supposedly contain a milk-like substance. That wouldn't have gone over well with me. Nicely, you add the milk from your own container.

My husband commented this morning how he liked how the box doubled as a tray, keeping spills contained. My four year old reigns supreme as Queen Mess Maker. He liked the idea of the grab and go boxes with it all inside. This is a product that fits his morning parenting; get the kids started, let them figure out the clothing, get them out the door.

Breakfast Breaks in the pantry would be worthwhile for that morning that no one runs on all cylinders. If worked correctly, a parent could strap the kids in the car, set a Breakfast Breaks box on their lap, and drive the kids to daycare or school. We all know that kids do just fine eating cereal without milk. My kids and I walk to school, so we won't be doing that. However, I will keep a few in the pantry for that morning that my husband does all the morning chores.

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dragon knitter said...

wish there'd been something more like this when mine were little. of course, now, both boys could probably consume 2 or 3 of them! teen boys are so much fun to keep fueled (i don't see how they taste ANYTHING at the rate they eat!)