Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reminder: Laptop Giveaway

Contest Closed. You choose who wins by voting in a poll.

Write me an email with the subject "Laptop Desired" describing who wants this computer and why. Do it in 500 words or less. My husband and I will choose the top 5. I'll post those entries, and
readers can choose who gets this gem of a laptop. The only exclusion will be that my family members (blood or marriage) cannot enter. The contest is for anyone. You can write on behalf of a charity or another person. You must only make a compelling case as to why it is deserved. My email is hpsarabethATgmailDOTcom. The deadline is 11:59 PM EDT on March 15th.

Some have asked me if I am serious about this giveaway. The emphatic answer I give is YES! My children, as my husband wrote on his blog, are in danger of becoming spoiled doctor's children with all the advantages we enjoy. When my kids take special items for granted, when neither of their parents ever did (we've come a long way, not as long as some, but long), I feel my shoulders slump with the responsibility to teach my children how to appreciate their economic position. They are rather young, but my eldest begins to understand.

Please, write me an email as to why your child, a child you know, or a specific charity deserves to have this laptop.

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