Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Now, that's some roux!

Bolstered by the helpful comments of Nola, Maria, and PonchatrianPete, I attempted a roux again for the base of a seafood gumbo. I cranked up the heat in my cast iron large pot, wore long sleeves, and kept stirring. As the fat and flour bubbled and popped, I feared for my hands. An eek escaped my lips enough times that my four year old asked me why I wasn't more careful. Still, I kept stirring. Twenty minutes or so later, I got this . . .

(shown with the flavor stuff (onions, celery, bell pepper)).

That's some roux there. The color is dark, like chocolate, as requested in the recipe. High heat to the rescue. Thanks, people. Thanks.
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elizabeth.thomas said...


Nola (www.nolanotes.com) said...

It's official: You are a New Orleanean! CONGRATS!! You are sooo brave! Very proud of you!!

Maria said...

That looks yummy.