Monday, February 04, 2008

King of Bacchus

Two of the krewes choose celebrity kings (well, two that I know about). The last parade of yesterday's five that rolled down St. Charles was Bacchus, celebrating 40 years of parading. Hulk Hogan presided as king, atop the lead float, behind the captain. When I took his photo, he certainly didn't express the revelry for which Bacchus is known. Maybe he perked up towards the end.
The second parade yesterday was Babylon, rained out on Thursday. Because the bands scheduled to march amongst the floats had engagements with the four other parades, only floats rolled by our spot on 4th and St. Charles Ave. Bands are good, in particular the smaller bands and the military bands, but begging for throws for your children is much more fun as the floats are continuous. Probably, not many would agree with me.
See, Hulk Hogan showed some spirit as he asked the crowd to cheer for beads that he threw.

What's up for today? A quiet morning and afternoon with parades beginning at 5:15pm. That's three parades, three children, and one husband on call. Due to lack of traffic flow, he'll remain at the hospital until all the parades have past. If the past few nights are any indication, it will be nearly 10pm before he'll be able to drive without running into barriers. I have a feeling we will not see all of them tonight. Gosh, this is fun, but tiring.
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Trixie said...

next year we will be together...and both be tired!