Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hair Down to Her Knees

We helped my mother clear a few bits out of the garage today and found some letters from friends, childhood books, and photos of my sister and I from high school.

Do you see the length of my hair? How did I get up at 6am each morning, shower, dry it, and use hot rollers to make it just so in time to leave for school, which began at 7:15am? Crazy. Obviously, I had no children to get fed, dressed, brushed, and hustled out the door with me.

In case you think I went to school with my hair in a pony tail most of the time, you'd be wrong. Pony tails were reserved for basketball, weekends, and the beach. It wasn't until 8am chemistry classes in college did I learn the effectiveness of the pony tail.

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Krista said...

Why, oh why, do they think that just because you're in college an 8am class is okay? Seriously I had one class that started at 7:40am. Ugh.