Friday, February 08, 2008

Bypassing that which does not fit

I've been asked, since I celebrated the carnival season that ends with Mardi Gras, if I will forgo something for the season of Lent.

Uh, no.

I'm not religious. I see no sense in participating in that which does not fit my life. I have, in the past, followed the tradition of Lent. In college, that place where you try on personalities and tradtions and philosophies, I once gave up chocolate, thinking that would improve my skin. Either the lack of chocolate worked or it was the constant cup of ice water that I kept with me so I wouldn't nibble on candy.

The next year I decided that pasta was the worst influence in my culinary life. That proved to be more difficult as my weekend cuisine consisted of mac and cheese, ramen, and the occasional can of Chef Boyardee. If memory serves me right, I didn't make the 40 days.

I've never had big vices or overindulgences. Giving up something that I don't do much is nonsensical. I could give up Popeye's Fried Chicken, though. That could be good for me.


Trixie said...

Keep the fried chicken. You've earned it!

Aardvark said...

Give up the KFC...and switch to Popeye's!

Cheers as we do some Weekend Bloghopping!>

Amy said...

Yeah I can never last either. So I'm done trying!

blog hoppin
the bombed mom

Karen MEG said...

Popeye's, yummmm. I can't do it either.
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Tara R. said...

I'm giving up exercise... this may be one that I can stick with.

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Allison said...

So let me're giving up Lent for Lent?

I've never been in a denomination that practices giving something up for Lent....that has always hit me as a very Catholic thing (note, Catholic with a big "C"), and I grew up Lutheran, plus I'm now attending a Methodist church. It doesn't figure in that way for me, either. :-|

Happy Blog Hoppin', thanks for starting mine! (And since I've really got to get to bed soon, yours will be the only one I visit tonight!) Thanks for the visit!

Hookin' Angel

Chuck said...

I agree. Your title says it all.
Thanks for stopping and commenting.

Chas - Blog Hoppin'

Mommy Bits said...

This year I've given up soda and I'm giving up meat on Fridays, for the first time.

So far I am off to a good start. Keep your toes crossed for me....

Happy Blog Hopping,
Anastasia Beaverhousin

Lizzie said...

I hear you! I've been trying to give up the sugar and carbs and it's made me miserable. Seemed innocent enough..but it was ill timed - there's also been no sex and no sunshine 'round here.... what's a gal to do?! I didn't think I had too many vices until they all went away at once.

Lizzie said...

Early a.m. blog-hoppin' -
see you round the neighborhood-
Love your site!

Kell said...

I've nearly given up all fast food - so Popeye's is easy to skip. What is NOT easy to skip is cookies... Any kind of cookie.

Sarabeth said...

That's the funny thing about Popeye's; it isn't really fast food. Yes, it is fried, but depending on when you go in, you have to wait a while for the fresh chicken.

Giving up Popeye's is symbolic of not giving in one night a week to an easy dinner. But, once a week? That's not an overindulgence at all.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

carymc said...

If you must give up fried chicken, just give up wings and thighs. They are pointless, anyway.

I'm gonna make the ultimate sacrifice this year and give up working. I don't really like it, and it consumes too much of my time anyway.

Maureen said...

Never participated in Lent... so I can relate to your reasons.

Not religious here either.

Still blog hoppin'

OHmommy said...

Oh, man. I love Popeyes!

Zoe's Dad said...

My son keeps asking me what I'm giving up. I keep telling him--I'm not Catholic.

Ami said...

From a religious standpoint:

I disagree with both the 'temporary' giving up of something that may or may not harm you and indulging a lot in it just before you temporarily give it up. Symbolism, I guess: the 40 days of fasting, but I still fail to see how it really helps spiritual growth.

Why not try for some realistic growth? Phase a harmful behavior out of your lifestyle and stick with it.