Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shoes, Or the Tale of the Flip Flop Lady

My feet are happy to be back in the deep South. With the exception of a few truly cold days, I can wear sandals most days. True, many days people think I am crazy for wearing a pair of $9 brown flip flops in 50 degree weather. My feet don't feel cold, and I do make exceptions on very wet or cold days.

I slide the flops on my feet because I have arthritis in the joints of my largest toe on my left foot. I've seen the x-ray films. I tasted bile when the doctor pointed out the bony spurs which were causing the pain. Still get queasy. Shoes that put pressure on that joint cause severe pain, which is why I choose the flip flops. I bought my mother a pair of these same flip flops in black. I might have to regift them to me.

Do I need to say that these cheap, can wear them in the shower, flip flops are my favorite shoe? Oh, yeah, are they!

What about you? What are your absolutely, positively, no questions asked favorite pair of shoes?


turtle toes said...

My Daisy is right along with you - her hands down favorite pair of shoes are flip flops. (Her third birthday cake was in the shape of flip flops!) As for me, well, I love my tennis shoes!

dragon knitter said...

my birkies. the ones with the open toes. i wear them ALL the time (in fact, i just wore them 3 days ago, before it snowed again). yes, i'm in nebraska. my feet don't mind the cold, just wet.

jmb said...

I can't wear flipflops because I hate things between my toes.

I'm a real sandal person however and have several pairs of Clarks with velcro closures that I love. Old lady shoes but after a lifetime spent on my feet at work, comfort is the only way to go. Actually I go barefoot as much as possible.
Gosh the catchpa is unreadable today. I've tried twice before to send this.

Trixie said...

I hate things between my toes too! Ich. I also dislike those shoes which have the rings that you slip your big toe through. Ick Ick. I bought some Merralls (sp) which are another brand of expensive Jesus sandals last march and discovered that they really ARE better shoes. I wore them everyday for 6 months until they smelled too bad and my husband was ready to kill me. My sister loves them too. I will have to buy another pair this Spring!

Dream Mom said...

I happen to LOVE shoes. My favorite pair is a pair of thong sandals (I bought them in black and another pair in gold) that have clear stones on them that look like diamonds. They have a 2inch heel I am guessing. They always look good with pretty bright colored toes. I wear them out to the school bus with my yoga pants and anywhere I can get away with them.

I also have a pair of taupe suede mules that run a close second although I only have one outfit I wear them with. They have a fur rim and I feel like Zsa Zsa Gabor in them. I wear them with this really cool cream colored rabbit fur vest and some jeans in the winter. The shoes match the vest.

Overall, I love high heels but appreciate when I can do a thong type and a heel all in one.

P.S. When disco was big, I confess to having a pair of shoes that light up-complete with switches on the bottom of the shoe. I'd have to charge them up before I went out. LOL!

Kell said...

I like my shiny red wedding shoes.

Sarabeth said...

Turtle Toes, I have a pair of sort-of tennis shoes that I will wear when it gets colder here. They just aren't as comfy.

Dragon Knitter, I have a pair of Birkenstocks that I like, but I have decided that my flip flops are better. And, I am the same as you--it's the cold and wet combo, not just the cold.

JMB, I routinely wear old lady shoes for sandals. Comfort is paramount.

Trixie, powder helps with the stink.

Dream Mom, those sound lovely and very flashy. I must stay with no heel shoes due to the arthritis. Sadly, there aren't many flashy shoes which are flat.

Kell, everyone should love their wedding shoes, especially shiny red ones. I wore a pair of lace boots for my wedding (so very Madonna inspired). I think my mother was close to nixing them. So, I paid for them on my own. A big deal as I was in college at the time.