Friday, January 25, 2008

Review: My Fruit Rollups and A Contest

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I'm beginning to think that denying my children certain treats, such as video games and a regular supply of fruit rollups, allows for much greater excitement when I let down my resistance. I have nothing against fruit rollups. Somewhere in my mothering brain I decided that the kids would only get fruit rollups for special occasions, like parties or when friends come over so that they look really cool. Nothing makes you feel better as a mom when your kids' friends think you are a cool mom. Honestly.

When Mom Central asked me to try the My Fruit Rollups site to make custom fruit rollups for Valentine's Day, I leaped at the chance. Instead of cards bought from the store or handmade valentines (Yes, we actually did that last year. We made flowers out of hearts and slid them on a lollipop.), I instantly decided that my girls could pass out these special valentines by-passing the cards completely.

The picture shows the screen capture of the St. Valentine's Day rollup I created. (Click on it for more detail.) The website takes while to load, but you are rewarded for waiting by watching the blobs and pipes construct themselves on the screen. My children enjoyed watching the process of loading.

Once loaded, you choose to start a new design. The default option is for four squares. In my excitement, I didn't realize that there were three other layouts at first glance. I chose to put graphics first. The interface is user-friendly. Moving the cursor over the thumbnails enlarges the art, as you can see from the screen capture. The graphics aren't limited to Valentine themes. Drop down menus allow the user to choose the occasion, from birthdays to religious observances to sports, dancing, or in the words of a teenager, "whatev".

The design, with the exception of loading your own clip art, is completely up to you. You can add text to one of the design blocks by choosing a font and color of the text. There are four fonts for choices. Depending on the type and size of the font, your message is limited. To make my Valentine make sense, I chose a graphic that says "4U" and entered text that says "Free hugs on Valentine's". With the juxtaposition the message either says "Free hugs on Valentine's 4U" or "4U Free hugs on Valentine's".

Once I saved the message with a chosen name, I could order it with ease. If you need to order it later or make changes, you register with email and password and can choose to have My Fruit Rollups email you special offers. For blogging about the process of designing, I received a special code that covered the cost and shipping. My total would have been about $37 for a box of 30 My Fruit Rollups. At a $1 a rollup (w/o shipping), maybe that's more than you want to spend, but think how cool you could be if you presented your child's baseball, soccer, dance, gymnastics team with these at the end of the season. Kids might enjoy that ribbon or trophy, but a rollup made especially for them? Imagine the smiles.

Want a chance to design your own My Fruit Rollups and get them for free?

Tell me the sweetest Valentine you've given or received in the comments, and you could be the winner of a special code. My Fruit Rollups have offered me three special codes to award to the ones I deem the sweetest. Think of the possibilities: a daily note to give your kid in their lunch box, for the team, for your students, for your grandchild who lives far away, for your co-workers. C'mon, you know you want to design your own. And, I know you've received a sweet Valentine. I know it!

I'll give an example. For one of my earliest Valentine's from my husband, he bought me a romance novel. He actually asked the person working the bookstore which one would be best for me. In the card that accompanied it was the message "Because we always have romance." Now, how sweet is that?

So, leave a comment about the sweetest Valentine you've given or received. I'll announce the winner on Monday, January 28th. That way, if you've decided to use the My Fruit Rollups as a Valentine, you will have plenty of time to design and order them.

Just a few disclaimers:
  • Comments time stamped after 6:00am (EST) on Jan. 28th will not be eligible.
  • Comments will be hidden until the contest ends for fairness sake. No one-upping the next gal or guy.
  • Winners will be announced Monday, January 28th along with their winning entries.
  • Winners must have a US postal address.
  • Promotional codes will be emailed to the winners. If I don't have your email, you'll need to email me. I'll provide my email with the winning entries.
  • If you don't win, order your own by February 2nd to get one in time for Valentine’s Day and use the code BEMINE to get $10 off.


Kell said...

My sweetest Valentine EVER was unusual to say the least. The first Valentine's Day I ever spent with my husband (when we were dating, that is), he gave me a microphone... An SM58 to be exact. He gave it to me because he loved my voice, and wanted to encourage my public performances.

It was adorable.

turtle toes said...

My sweetest Valentine would have to be the first Valentine my husband and I shared as a married couple. We were broke. Flat broke, actually. I am not a big coffee drinker but at the time (nearly 15 years ago) I had to have a Diet Coke in the morning. On the day before Valentine's Day, our hair dryer quit working. There was no Diet Coke in our fridge. I'm sure the day got worse but I've blocked it from memory. On Valentine's Day morning I found a chilled six pack of Diet Coke in the fridge and a brand new hair dryer sitting on the counter beside the fridge.

Trixie said...

Does my wedding day count? We were married on 2/15.

On 2/14 WaWa surprised me with a photo shoot for wedding pictures at a very high end photographer! We couldn't afford the packages but bought 3 of the proofs which were still FABULOUS. These are the only photos of us in our wedding attire. My hair had been rolled special for the photos and we look so wonderful in them.

This coming from a girl who is quite fearful of getting her photo taken.

We didn't have the budget to hire a photographer for the actual wedding and all the disposal cameras came out grainy/poor. Our friends didn't take many photos. So Roger's thoughtful pre-planning really saved the day. It makes me remember why I married him every time I look at those pictures!

He wanted me to have a photo of us which would last a life time. A photo which only a pro could deliver and which we couldn't really afford. So we just bought proofs and paid the sitting fee!

Isn't he clever??

elizabeth.thomas said...

The sweetest valentine I've ever received is this:

Out one night with friends and co-workers in late January, the topic of valentine day gifts came up. Everyone shared their ideas and the level of gift you give as to how long you have been married, dating, etc. I didn't really join in on the conversation - I didn't have much to add to what was being discussed. As this was unusual for me, a co-worker inquired as to my silence. My reply "I'm not much into Valentine's Day as it relates to romantic ones. I can tell you what to send to family and friends on that day!"
A little while later, we were onto another topic.

Fast forward two weeks and Feb. 14th is here. The 17th floor of my office building is awashed in roses, balloons, teddy bears and chocolates. It was almost sickening.

And then, I receive a phone call to come to one of my partners' office. The door is closed. I knock and a voice I don't recognize says "Come in." I enter and for some reason close the door behind me. As I look up, there are 4 young people and an older man. "Ms Thomas, Miss Elizabeth Thomas?" he asked. "yes, I am she." You've been sent a Singing Valentine Day card. He hands me a card and a single red rose and then the girls' begin to sing "It's in his Kiss" They sang two other songs, but I truly do not remember them. I was just staring at the card - All it said was "You are loved by more people than you know. Happy Valentine's Day. Anonymous"
I was shocked, a little embarrassed and well, happy - the chestsire cat had nothing on me that day! The older man said he would tell me who the send was for $20. I started to say yes and then stopped myself. "No. No thank you. He will let me know in his own good time." The young girls squealed and smiled at my response.

I still do not know who sent me that wonderful Valentine. But the preserved rose is still in my office - and it makes me smile when I look at it. A reminder that I am loved by more people than I know.

mommyof5 said...

I am trying to think of the best Valentine's I have been given. I think it would have to be the first Valentines we celebrated with our child then 7 months old. I got 2 dozen roses and I believe cocolate candys. A sweet card. And we went to a fancy resturant downtown by the church we go to. He made reservations to get it. They had special menus just for Valentines Day. We ate together just the 3 of us. It was so romantic!! We got to share a wonderful evning together. We then rented a movie and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

Cindi said...

Good Afternoon! My story happened many years ago when I was a teaching assistant for students
with learning disabilities and behavior disorders. I worked with a second grade boy who had epilepsy
quite severely. He would try and use his illness to get out of doing his school work. By the way, he
became epileptic after falling out of a grocery cart when he was a toddler! I had to be firm with him
quite often because he was babied and lazy. When the day came for our Valentine's Day party in
the classroom, I thought I will never get a card from N. I did and it was signed by him as well as
he was able to write. N. passed away in his late teens from brain surgery. Going to his wake was
one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. I still have his Valentine's Day card to remember
him by. Thanks for posting for me. I certainly appreciate it. Have a lovely week.....Cindi

Danielle said...

One year my hubby and I were going through a "rough patch" and I didn't think he was going to get me anything. He surprised me with a cute Precious Moments figurine with the saying "This Too Shall Pass" It was very sweet and VERY unexpected!
dansan826 at