Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Out of our House: Backyard

Walled by a shopping center (coffee shop, hair, attorney, architect, bookstore, children's clothing store), a tall privacy fence (behind the stand of ginger) and the guest house, our backyard is the most private part of the house. In a neighborhood where tourists walk through on every day of the week, we consider this private space necessary. The brick courtyard allows the kids to ride bikes. The small plot of grass gives White Dragon a place to plop some.


Trixie said...

A little different from VA, huh? All that's missing is a pool.

Dream Mom said...

It's amazing what a difference having a private space does. I know when Dear Son had a long hospitalization a few years back
(30 plus days) I found having private time and private space very necessary. Glad you have the space you need. Sounds like NOLA is working well for the family.

wolfbaby said...

wow that looks like my dream yard;)