Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Letter to My Dog

Dear White Dragon,

Please accept my deepest apologies for neglecting you today and for shorting your walk yesterday. No fault lies in your behavior. You have shown great patience with us humans the past few days. We are, nay, I am ill.

Breathing, you must understand, is essential for long walks. Unable to breathe well yesterday caused me to only walk you for twenty minutes instead of the normal forty. At least, dear puppy, you visited with many of the canine denizens of the Garden District.

Today, though, you suffered for my lack of health and overabundance of child activities. The man in your life had no time to extend the morning walk after leaving girl #1 at school. And, oh, the sadness in your eyes when the tow younger children and I left for a field trip to a restaurant. They would not have allowed your presence. This trip meant that I had no mid-day walk. So very sorry about that. It was, to use a phrase from a much beloved movie of mine, beyond my control.

My largest apology, and the reason that you got a long snuggle on the couch this evening, stems from the fact that we did not walk to pick up girl #1 from school. I believe that you delight in all the children wanting to pet you, although you feign aloofness. Plus, I know you missed barking at the two poodles, who appeared so intimidating at first but have grown to be one of the delights of your day twice a day. They surely missed you, straight white hair such a counterpoint to their black curliness.

I hope to do better tomorrow, my dear dragon. We mustn't let a little pneumonia keep us down.




Anonymous said...

All is forgiven. For a dog loves his mistress best!

'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why! said...

Feel better!
Lurve to the White Dragon from another white dragon, BabyGirl