Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't Try That Again

Try number one for Louisiana cooking ended a success. Mmm, that was good crawfish ettouffe.

Try number two?
Texture--Negative check

I attempted to follow Emeril's recipe for roux, just a light one to the color of peanut butter. Got the color after a full 1.5 hours of cooking and stirring. What was I thinking? The problem arose when I used my roux as the base of a seafood gumbo.

The gumbo was too thick. The flour taste remained after another hour of cooking the broth part of the gumbo. I hadn't even added the crawfish and shrimp. In the end, the dish failed to entice us to eat more than a few bites. I fished out the shrimp and crawfish to use for something else.

Can you make a crawfish and shrimp etouffe?


Nola ( said...

The trick was a roux is to have the heat really high. And stir like crazy. It's scary to me because it is soooo hot and all that stirring can cause splashes and slashes to the skin are noooo fun.

Good luck!

Maria said...

A whisk is the best for a roux - and keep more butter and flour handy because you can adjust the consistency while stirring if you move quickly enough. I recently made one with masa [corn flour] for a tortilla soup and ended up having to thin it with chicken broth because the roux was too thick. :)

PontchartrainPete said...

Nola's right. High heat, keep stirring. A light brown roux shouldn't take too long. If you're afraid it's going too burn, pull the pot off the burner (and keep stirring) rather than turn down the heat. If you do it quickly and it does burn, so what? Oil and flour are cheap. If you stir for an hour and then it burns, that's a disaster.

Sarabeth said...

I'll try the higher heat next time I make a batch of roux. I did use a whisk and a wooden spoon. I'll not have to make roux for a long time as I made so much. That's what helped me make an awesome etouffe this evening.

I knew my grandmother didn't cook her roux for that long. Next time, I'll do it when the kids are napping!

molly said...

Our cajun neighbor says, "she was probably afraid of butter. tell her to double it"


Sarabeth said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha, Molly! No, I wasn't afraid of butter. I did worry as I put all of it in, but I did it. This was Emeril's recipe. I figured I could change it later if I thought it was too much the first time.