Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Does this Fur Make Me Look Like a Male?

When rain isn't filling the streets here, I walk White Dragon three times a day. We've established a nice routine and friendly, and not so friendly, dogs as friends. I sometimes meet the people as well. As White Dragon is a friendly dog, when I pick up my eldest from school, I bring my ball of fur into the school yard where the girls gather around to pet and hug.

What amazes me is that everyone calls my girl dog a boy. They say, "Oh, that's a pretty boy. Aren't you a pretty boy?" or "What's his name?"

I can forgive the girls. Although maybe I shouldn't. White Dragon does wear a pink and purple collar. Doesn't that say girl?

The adults? Is there something about White Dragon that looks like a male? If you aren't taking a peek a the equipment, do you assume the sex of the dog? Honestly, what about you? Does my dog look like a boy?


Trixie said...

Yes I do make gender assumptions on dogs when I haven't glimpsed their package. Collar color IS NOT an indicator of gender. Maybe because I know her - she is all girl too me.

turtle toes said...

White Dragon - with that adorable face - screams ALL GIRL to me!

And yes, I do make gender assumptions on dogs (and cats). I'm not really sure why - haven't really thought about it until now!

dragon knitter said...

to me, dogs are male, unless pointed out differently, and cats are female, until noted otherwise. just an assumption. i have a friend who has a dog that is a girl, but if you didn't "check things out," you'd think she was a boy. i think it also has something to do with size. big dogs are male (right?)

Sarabeth said...

There are times when I think White Dragon is a boy, but that is tied up in my memories of the first dog we had who was the same mix as she.

However, when I see a dog or a cat, I don't instantly see a male or female--I see the animal. I'm conscious of my word choices when first meeting a dog. I don't make assumptions to their sex until I meet the person or I see an overt act, like lifting a leg to pee.

There's these two dogs down the street from us. One we instantly called Grendel because of his boisterousness. We knew the other was a female (based on anatomy). He's a hairy bugger, so I didn't see any identifying marks. Yet, he screamed "boy" to me. Now, I just have to remember to call him Leopold instead of the Beowulf inspired name.

Kell said...

The White Dragon defies gender... She embodies all that is all canine. I wouldn't worry too much about it! She doesn't seem to!

I think she's quite a striking lady!